Olive Tree & Specialty Plant Nursery

Welcome to Oregon’s premier olive tree nursery featuring herbs, edible landscape trees & shrubs, with other specialty plants curated specifically for the Northwest gardener. 


Red Ridge Farms Nursery carries a wide array of culinary, medicinal, and ornamental herbs as well as carefully curated edible landscape plants like figs, pomegranates and sweet bay. As an important layer to any garden we stock a wide array of pollinator friendly plants to help nourish and promote bee health throughout the growing season. 


Olive Trees – After more than 15 years of growing olive trees in the Pacific Northwest, we only offer varieties that have proven themselves vigorous and productive in our own groves and landscape on the farm. Our small in house propagation program allows us to offer Durant Select olive trees produced from the oldest trees in our groves. We also retail a wide variety of Northwest hardy olive trees ranging from 1 gallon starts to 20 gallon mature orchard grown trees.


Lavender –  At the height of the growing season we typically carry 50 different lavender varieties in 4″ and 1 gallon sizes. Come stroll our lavender field to see all of the varieties we offer, and join us for the annual Northwest Lavender Association’s Lavender Festival the second weekend of July.


We consistently bring in seasonal specialty plants year around that will surely stand out in any Northwest gardener’s yard.