Grilled Summer Basil Squash with RicottaEmbrace the season of summer grilling with our take on grilled squash featuring basil olive oil. This simple yet delightful recipe highlights the squash's natural sweetness, enhanced by the aromatic touch of basil olive oil, ensuring a flavorful and effortless addition to your seasonal dining experience. Recipe courtesy of Durant Culinary Directors Eric and Sara
Cilantro Lime Corn DipLooking for the ideal dip to complement your favorite chips? Create a base of corn and black beans, and let Durant Jalapeño Fused Olive Oil add a touch of heat to spice things up. Fresh lime and cilantro enhance the flavor to round out the dish. This Cilantro Lime Corn Dip comes together in just a matter of minutes and is the perfect party snack. Make it to serve for a crowd, or keep a batch on hand in the fridge throughout the week for when an afternoon snack craving hits. Customize it with additional toppings such as sliced avocado, diced tomatoes, or even sliced jalapeños. Tips: You can quickly whip this up using a can of corn. For even better flavor and color, try grilling fresh corn and cutting it off the cob instead. Want to make it creamy? Stir in two tablespoons of Greek yogurt or sour cream. Recipe courtesy of Molly Allen.
Olive Oil CornbreadThis batter is quite thin, so don't be scared if you feel like it's too thin. Also, really do let the batter rest. This lets the leavening ingredients get activated and it also allows the cornmeal to hydrate, creating a moister finished product. If you have a locally milled corn that will give you the best and sweetest product. We use local flint corn from Sun Gold Farms in Forest Grove, Oregon. Recipe courtesy of Chefs Eric and Sara, Culinary Directors for Durant at Red Ridge Farms.
Carrot Coconut Soup with Jalapeño Fused Olive OilThis easy to prepare Carrot Coconut Soup is inspired by the bold Thai flavors of lemongrass, lime, coconut milk and chili, in this case a float of our Jalapeño fused EVOO! Recipe courtesy of Chefs Eric and Sara, Culinary Directors for Durant at Red Ridge Farms.
Rosemary Hasselback Roasted Potatoes with Herbed Dipping SauceNo matter the main dish you’re preparing, potatoes can be the ideal side.Little slits in the potatoes make room for an infusion of flavor from both Durant Rosemary Fused Olive Oil, along with fresh herbs, salt, and pepper. Enjoy them on their own, or dunk them in a creamy herb dipping sauce as the perfect pairing.